Tyler James Williams From 'Abbott Elementary' Spits Bars Over GloRilla's 'FNF' Beat On 'Sway's Universe'

Emmy-nominated actor and “Abbott Elementary” star Tyler James Williams recently visited “Sway’s Universe” and got some spicy bars off.

Sway Calloway is one of the few people who knew that Tyler could rap because he used to send Sway raps, and he was surprised that he really had bars.

He used to send me bars. I use to be like, ‘What the hell is going on this dude is spitting bars!’ … And a voice for it.

I love your voice, brother. Next time maybe… I know you’re still writing, right?…

Tyler responded with confidence, ” I’ve always got a little something… I wouldn’t show up if I didn’t have something.”

Once the sound engineer found the GloRilla “FNF” beat that Tyler requested, he took the mic and spit this:

Hot n***a sipping on cold brew.

F**k out the way when I walk through.

Talking that sh*t, you’ll never be rich, I done f***ed with your chick, I won’t hold you.

I am that n***a she f**ks with, I’m also that n***a she talks to.

You one of these n***a, how do you figure, you must’ve been sick cause he owed you.

I wonder if you back on purpose, as she cap and act all nervous.

My forehead touching her forehead, one more head touching the surface.

She biting and scratching the surface, she long, she can take it, she perfect.

She twitching, she glitching, she gone, love to guide her hands and it got its service.

F**k all this going back and forth, I ain’t playing tennis.

She said you asked where she was going, why you in my business?

This ain’t Clue, who is you, and why is you suspicious?

Just be a man Peter Pan understand that she F R E E all the way free, she can be a whole freak when she pull up to me.

Wait till she S I N G L E again, but don’t get your hopes up we broke up but still friends.

We be done she just playing with it, f**k around I’m just laying in it.

What the f**k we got to do today is all I’m saying girl let me stay in it.

F**k around write my name in it, make it rain, hurricane in it, not the same imma change in it, lose my mind go insane in it.

I’m the truth please believe me, I don’t think that you should leave me, because be it billboard or tv, either way you gonna see me.

Being with me can be hard, but trust me being my ex ain’t easy.

So don’t be tripping, don’t be needy, cause I be chilling, I be breezy.

I’m not the one you roll the dice with, I’m the one you spend your life with.

I done seen it, I got vision girl, I’m a little something like a psychic, my tailor said that your a nice fit.

 I said beg to differ she a tight grip.

That sh*t real and our sh*t clear, and you can tell it when the light hits.

Watch the clip from the Tyler James Williams interview on “Sway’s Universe” below:

Tyler James Williams may need to tour with Drake and 21 Savage next summer.

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