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Love Is Blind” Season 4 Jackie Bonds opened up about what caused her major meltdown in Mexico.

The 27-year-old certified dental assistant from Seattle, Washington, found true love in the pods with 27-year-old marketing manager Marshall Glaze.

But, after the couple arrived in Mexico for the next phase of their journey together, Jackie had a major meltdown that left Marshall feeling helpless. 

Marshall Glaze - Jackie Bonds - Love Is Blind Season 4
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Through her sobbing, Jackie Bonds talked about her concern for her family and how she has “so many people to take care of.”

In a new feature with Entertainment Weekly, Jackie opened up about what caused her major meltdown in Mexico.

My father, he’s sick. He has cancer, so I have to take care of him when I go home every weekend.

I make sure that my parents are good, the bill is paid — my dad can’t work no more.

I have a lot of family stuff that I have to tend to.

Family always comes first. And also, my brother being released from prison, it’s like I have another person to take care of.

Jackie shared that while she tried to stay engaged in the experience of “Love Is Blind,” thoughts of her family and her responsibilities back home still crept in. 

My life is not for someone who can’t be up to par in supporting me, and just making sure that you understand my life and knowing that this is always going to be a part of me.

That was an emotional moment for me because I didn’t feel like, at that moment, Marshall was up to par and ready for all of the reality that I have back home.

In a post on her Instagram page, Jackie Bonds shared:

Making sure my family is good before I’m good.

My father at the time was fighting Stage 2 Head and Neck Cancer, had a feeding tube in his stomach, had the back of his tongue removed, and had 11 cancerous lymph nodes removed from his neck a few months before I filmed the show.

I come home every weekend to make sure I pay his bills, clean the house, and make sure my father and mother are good.

I felt guilty being happy and enjoying my time in Mexico because my family deserves time away.

My “mental breakdown” in Mexico was all the emotions of being head of the house, having my family depending on me and having the weight of my emotions and feelings all colliding at once.

I will always take care of my father, cancer will never take him from me. ❤️

When Entertainment Weekly reached out to Marshall Glaze to get his side of the story, he respected Jackie’s right to privacy like the true gentleman that he is.

That was extremely personal to Jackie and it’s not my place to speak on it.

I’m just glad that I was there to help her through that.

Episodes 6-8 of “Love Is Blind” Season 4 will arrive on March 31. 

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

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