Vivica A. Fox and Claudia Jordan offer Jonathan Majors advice

On the latest episode of Fox Soul’s “Cocktails With Queens,Vivica A. Fox, Claudia Jordan, LisaRaye McCoy, and Syleena Johnson discussed the recent arrest of actor Jonathan Majors.

The rising Hollywood actor and Creed III star was arrested in New York over the weekend on charges of assault, strangulation, and harassment.

His lawyer is proclaiming his innocence.

Like the caring auntie that she is – Vivica A. Fox offered this advice to Jonathan and everyone else:

Fellas…Ladies… when y’all start getting these big ole contracts…please watch the company that you keep.

It’s called making good choices.

Everyone that’s around you ain’t always for you. The higher you go…the thinner the air. Watch the company that you keep.

She added, “I just hate to see this happen to Jonathan. I just met him at the premiere of ‘Creed’. He was a gentleman, so talented, so quiet. He doesn’t have a social media account. He’s really one of those actors that is to himself.”

Claudia Jordan also chimed in to offer some advice to Black men when it comes to dating White women:

Brothers…Brothers…I’m talking to you my brothers.

You already know where I want to go with this.

Come on man, you know you can’t get away with it with them!

They’re already looking. They looking! 

She added, “You gotta watch yourself because they’re gonna believe your accuser before they believe you. We’ve seen this happen since when…400 years?”

Love who you love.

Like who you like. Hang out with who you want to hang out with but you’ve got to button it up when you’re at this level.

Watch the clip below. 

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