Omarion - Dr. Phil - Simone- Scammed

Omarion recently appeared on the “Dr. Phil” show to let a Bronx woman know that they are not engaged to be married. 

Simone, who is clearly a victim of a scammer, believes she is in a full-blown relationship with the superstar entertainer, and that they are engaged.

She told Dr. Phil that she and Omarion have been chatting online since 2020, but they have not met in person because his manager wants her to pay $3,000 first. 

Simone says she talks to the singer every day and he asked her to marry him last year. 

When Dr. Phil tried to have a logical conversation with Simone regarding this alleged relationship with Omarion and all of the red flags around it, she simply noted that she wanted the “truth.”

Omarion appeared on the show in a prerecorded video to give Simone the heartbreaking truth. 

He said, “I’m so sorry, Simone. I haven’t been speaking with you online and we are not in a relationship. You haven’t sent me any money.”

O went on to send a message of caution to his fans about scammers who are preying on them using his name or likeness. 

“I want everyone to be aware that if someone is online claiming to be me and asking for money…you are not speaking with me. I would never do that. All of my official pages are clearly marked with a blue check. I don’t have any backup pages. I ain’t gone be lurking online.”

After watching Omarion’s video, Simone told Dr. Phil, “I’m happy. I wanted the truth and thank you for giving me the truth. I’m 100% convinced now.”

Watch below.

Scammer Season is in full effect…be careful!

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