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Montgomery Mayor Steven L. Reed and Police Chief Darryl J. Albert have jointly addressed the charges against riverfront co-captain Dameion Pickett in a recent statement.

On August 5, Dameion attempted to relocate an illegally parked pontoon boat obstructing the riverboat from docking.

The situation escalated quickly, leading to a confrontation where Dameion defended himself against multiple attackers, resulting in a full-fledged brawl on the Montgomery Riverfront.

In the aftermath, Zachery “Chase” Shipman, initially charged with third-degree assault, has lodged a new complaint.

Shipman claims self-defense, stating he suffered a bruised cheekbone after being punched by Pickett.

The controversy has led to Dameion Pickett being charged with third-degree assault, prompting social media outrage.

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On November 9, Mayor Steven L. Reed and Police Chief Darryl J. Albert took to Facebook with a joint statement to clarify that the City of Montgomery and the Montgomery Police Department did not initiate the charges against Dameion Pickett.

The statement emphasized that the police investigation listed Pickett as a victim.

The City of Montgomery and Montgomery Police Department have been made aware that one of the individuals involved in the incident at Montgomery Riverfront Park on August 5, 2023, has filed charges against Harriet II Co-Captain Dameion Pickett.

Neither the City nor the Montgomery Police Department filed these charges. The Montgomery Police Department’s investigation only lists Mr. Pickett as a victim.

See the original statement below.


If the investigation only lists Dameion Pickett as a “victim,” Shipman’s complaint should be thrown in the trash expeditiously.

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