Dameion Pickett, Aaren Hamilton-Rudolph, Roshein RahRah Carlton - Montgomery Riverfront Brawl
Good Morning America

Dameion Pickett, who was violently attacked at the Montgomery Riverfront which sparked an all-out brawl, recently spoke out about the incident on “Good Morning America.”

Pickett, the co-captain of the Harriot II, Roshein “RahRah” Carlton, and Aaren Hamilton-Rudolph aka “Aquamayne,” sat down with newlywed Robin Roberts to discuss the events that led up to the brawl on August 5. 

Dameion explained that his number one priority was getting the passengers on the Harriot II to the dock and off of the boat safely. 

However, they were unable to do that because an illegally parked pontoon boat was in the way. 

When Dameion Pickett attempted to move the boat, he was accosted by a white family, and ultimately jumped and attacked. 

Words were exchanged and I was like, ‘I’m just doing my job,’” he said. 

When Robin asked what the pontoon owners said to him, Dameion responded, “Just some nasty words…curse words that I don’t like…violence.”

Dameion spoke about the attack saying, “This man put his hands on me. If it’s my job…but, I’m still defending myself at the same time. So, when he touched me…I’m like, ‘It’s on.’”

He added, “I went to work to work – not be in a fight or get jumped on. There is a cause and effect to every situation.”

Aaren aka “Aquamayne” shared what made him jump into the water and swim to the deck to aid Dameion Pickett. 

When he first started hitting on him no one helped. I couldn’t just watch and sit around and just let him get beat on while everybody else just recording. 

The heroic teen also implored people to take action rather than pull out their phones. 

Before y’all start recording and joking and laughing how about think and help people.

Watch the interview clip below. 

Five people were arrested and charged in connection to the Montgomery Riverfront Brawl including:

  • Richard Roberts, 48, two counts of third-degree assault
  • Allen Todd, 23, one count of third-degree assault
  • Zachery “Chase” Shipman, 25, one count of third-degree assault
  • Mary Elizabeth Todd, 21, one count of third-degree assault
  • Reggie Ray, 42, one count of disorderly conduct

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