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Marlon Wayans Plans Stand-Up About His Trans Son Kai To Help Other Parents

Marlon Wayans
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Marlon Wayans opened up about his trans son during a recent visit to “The Breakfast Club.”

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The 51-year-old comedian and actor was on the popular morning show to promote his forthcoming stand-up comedy special, “Good Grief.” 

But, Marlon also revealed his plans to release another stand-up special tentatively titled, “Skittles” or “Rainbow Child,” which is about his “daughter who transitioned to a son.”

My daughter Amai (Wayans) is now Kai and so I talk about the transition – now their transition – by my transition as a parent going from ignorance and denial to complete unconditional love and acceptance. 

I think there’s a lot of parents out there that need to have that message and I know I’m dealing with it. 

It was a very painful situation for me, but man it’s one of the best funniest hours I probably could ever imagine. 

Marlon Wayans and son Kai Wayans

Marlon Wayans admitted that the comedian in him showed up during Kai’s transition from female to male. 

I told my daughter, I said, ’N— you transitioning into your brother! You look just like him!’ I can’t tell the difference between her and Shawn. I swear to God.

Watch the full “Breakfast Club” interview below or skip to the 13:50 mark to hear Marlon Wayans talk about his trans son.

I will keep you posted on the release of Marlon Wayans’ forthcoming stand-up comedy special, “Good Grief.” 

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