Damien Pickett, the co-captain of a Montgomery riverboat, who was attacked by three individuals, now faces charges related to the brawl.

The Altercation On The Riverfront:

The incident began when Damien Pickett attempted to move an illegally parked pontoon boat that prevented the riverboat from docking.

As tensions quickly escalated, Damien defended himself against multiple individuals who punched and kicked him, eventually leading to a full-fledged brawl on the Montgomery Riverfront.

Charges and Arrests:

In the aftermath of the August brawl, five people were arrested and charged in connection to the incident.

These individuals are:

  • Richard Roberts, 48, facing two counts of third-degree assault
  • Allen Todd, 23, charged with one count of third-degree assault
  • Zachery “Chase” Shipman, 25, facing one count of third-degree assault
  • Mary Elizabeth Todd, 21, charged with one count of third-degree assault
  • Reggie Ray, 42, facing one count of disorderly conduct

New Complaint and Self-Defense Claim:

Zachery Shipman, seen in viral videos of the brawl attacking Damien Pickett, has come forward with a new complaint.

Shipman alleges that he was only defending himself, stating that he suffered a bruised cheekbone after Pickett punched him in the face.

Damien Pickett’s Perspective:

Damien Pickett, who has been charged with third-degree assault more than three months after the brawl, shared his perspective during a recent appearance on “Good Morning America.”

He emphasized, “This man put his hands on me. If it’s my job…but, I’m still defending myself at the same time. So, when he touched me…I’m like, ‘It’s on.'”

Pickett added, “I went to work to work – not to be in a fight or get jumped on. There is a cause and effect to every situation.”

The Legal Twist:

It’s worth noting that video evidence of Damien Pickett being attacked exists, which raises questions about the charges in his case.

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