Mase, Shannon Sharpe via Instagram

Mase took to the “It Is What It Is” podcast to respond to Shannon Sharpe calling him a “fake pastor.” 

Shannon has seemingly opened the door to shade, drama, and criticism following the success of his “Club Shay Shay” interview with Katt Williams

Shannon Sharpe vs. Mike Epps

It was just last week that Shannon got into a short-lived beef with Mike Epps and said:

Now, when I see you – I’m gone see you.

I’m gone see if you about that.

I want to see if you gone say what you been saying trying to get some jokes.

But, you got mad cause Katt Williams did what he did.

Now, when I see you I’m gone see if you really about that. 

The men quickly squashed their beef and opted to have a man-to-man convo instead. 

Shannon Sharpe and Mike Epps via Instagram

Shannon Sharpe Calls Mase A ‘Fake Pastor’

Now, Shannon Sharpe is firing back at Mase because he didn’t like the remarks he made while discussing his Mike Epps drama. 

Watch the clip below for Cam’ron and Mase’s commentary on the situation.

Shannon Sharpe clapped back at Mase on “Nightcap With Unc and Ocho” saying:

Now, everybody got something to say.

I’m coming up on four years of having ‘Club Shay Shay’ and it’s all of a sudden – even everybody – there’s this pastor…

I guess now he’s a gangsta pastor all of sudden talking about he want somebody to pull up.

Now, all of a sudden he gone do so much. He needs to sit his lil rollie pollie a— down.

Shannon Sharpe went on to say after speaking with his sister he decided he’s not going to beef with anyone else. 

Ochocino Pushes Back On Shannon Sharpe’s Decision To Stop Beefing With People

Ochocinco pushed back on Shannon’s decision saying:

You can’t do that. I love what you and Mike [Epps] did.

But, you putting us in a situation where now we’ve sent a precedence where people can now takes shots they can say what they want to say and get away with it.

Because now you’ve promised sis that you’re not going to get into anymore beefs.

So, any time anybody says anything they can get away with it.

At some point, you gone have to stand your ground like the Florida law.

Watch the clip below.

Mase Has A Message For Shannon

The good passa Mason Betha took to his “It Is What It Is” podcast with a few words for Shannon Sharpe.

Listen, Shannon. I’m not the one to play with…

Matter of fact, I’m not even going to take that road.

I’m going to take a different road with you.

Let me start with respect and let me end with class. 

You started out being very aggressive with Ja Morant’s pops at a Lakers game.

If you are for Black people this is not the way to carry yourself. And let me go further than that.

You wanted to be tough with Mike Epps and you settled quicker than Diddy and Cassie.

Listen…and thirdly, you call yourself coming at me, right?

You want to be aggressive with me, right?

Listen, you showed poise, respect, wherewithal, resolve, compassion, reverence…for Skip Bayless.

Why are you so aggressive anytime somebody Black says something?

The man said, ‘Put your glasses on’ and you put your glasses back on.

Don’t play with me. Put your glasses back on, Shannon.

I respect you and I do not want to go there with you.

I respect you. 

Mase added:

He made a statement about me being a fake gangsta.

It didn’t really – pause – rub me the wrong way because as a Disney client, gangsta is not something to talk about so let’s just leave that out.  

Watch the clip below. 

Shannon Sharpe being in beef for the majority of 2024 is insane. 

Do you think Shannon Sharpe’s response to Mase was warranted or should he simply tune out the outside noise?

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