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Shannon Sharpe, Mike Epps via Instagram

A lie don’t care who tell it! Shannon Sharpe called out Mike Epps for lying about being invited to be a guest on “Club Shay Shay.” 

Mike Epps Says He Turned Down ‘Club Shay Shay’ Invite

Over the weekend, a video surfaced of Mike doing a stand-up comedy set where he claimed Shannon “called” him to be a guest on “Club Shay Shay.” 

Mike Epps went on to insinuate he turned down the invitation because he had concerns about Shannon Sharpe’s sexuality. 

During the set, Mike told the audience: 

That n— Shannon Sharpe called me trying to do an interview.

I said, ‘No, Madea. I ain’t doing no interview with you so you can sit across from me and look at my balls.

I thought he was going to attack Katt. The s— is called ‘Shay Shay’ – the n— is telling you!

Put a wig on that n— and tell me that ain’t MF Madea sister, n—!

Watch the clip below.

Shannon Sharpe Blasts Mike Epps For Lying

Shannon Sharpe wasn’t concerned with the gay nonsense, but he took issue with Mike Epps lying on his name. 

According to Unc, he never called Mike Epps to be a guest on the show, Mike reached out to him via DM. 

Mention my name again…I’mma put the DMs – I don’t like doing this – but you’re lying.

See, I don’t care about all of that other stuff.

You can say I’m gay…I don’t care about that cause I won’t chase a lie.

But, I won’t let you lie on my name.

Now, you can say all that other stuff – I can deal with that.

Unc went on to issue Mike Epps another warning, “Say my name again…and I’m going to release the DMs because you’re lying.”

You said I reached out to you to come on ‘Club Shay Shay’ and you a mofo lie!

Now, when I see you – I’m gone see you. I’m gone see if you about that.

I want to see if you gone say what you been saying trying to get some jokes.

But, you got mad cause Katt Williams did what he did.

Now, when I see you I’m gone see if you really about that. 

Watch Shannon Sharpe call out Mike Epps below. 

Mike Epps Backpeddles, Threatens Gun Violence

Mike Epps is now moonwalking on Instagram and playing the why you mad over a joke card. 

Now, I know Shay Shay – I don’t know what grown a— man got a name ‘Shay Shay’ – but, I know this grown man not mad at me.

So many people talk crazy about you.

They was on ‘Saturday Night Live’ talking about you – imitating you.

But, now you want to fight me? 

Now, I’m not gone lie I did DM you to get on the show.

But, I DM’d you to get on the show because you brought my name up when you were sitting there with Katt.

And you were trying to get him to talk crazy about me but he didn’t. 

Now, second of all…talking about pulling up on me.

You gone be in All-Star…I’m gone be at the All-Star – it’s my hometown. And I’m gone see you. Aight?

I’mma see you, brother.

And I’m just letting you know I don’t be doing no fighting lately.

I don’t do no fighting.

So, you know there’s only one other option if you don’t fight.

You do…blank, blank, blank, blank, blank. 

Watch Mike’s response video below.

Mike Epps has shown his true colors since that Katt Williams interview aired. 

He was envious of the attention Katt received – so he “made jokes” about his “fake jacket.” 

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Then, when he couldn’t get on “Club Shay Shay,” he lied about turning down an invitation to be on the show and alluded to Shannon Sharpe as gay. 

Now, that Mike Epps has gotten himself in some knee-deep shizznit…he issues a subtle threat that he will shoot Shannon Sharpe instead of fighting him like a man. 

Mike being a P.A.N. was not on my 2024 Bingo Card.


After simmering down, Shannon Sharpe and Mike Epps have agreed to have a man-to-man talk to settle their issue.

Unc took to Twitter writing:

UNC and @TheRealMikeEpps have decided 2 have a man 2 man conversation in Indy at NBA all star weekend 2 discuss our differences.

We both realize this situation could’ve been, should’ve been handled differently.

I apologize 2 fam, friends, love 1s and my fans. 🙏🏾🙏🏾 #ClubShayShay

See the original tweet below.

I know Judge Mathis is proud!

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