Benzino on 'Drink Champs' (YouTube)

Benzino got inebriated during his “Drink Champs” interview and cried like Jimmy Swaggart as he discussed his long-standing beef with Eminem, his daughter Coi Leray, and more.

The 58-year-old former rapper and reality TV personality could barely keep his composure as he wept and said: 

I don’t have nothing against Eminem. Got nothing against, Eminem.

The man can rap, but I care about us more.

I don’t want to talk about it no more.

For 22 years, every time I do an interview they ask me about Eminem.

What the f— you want me to do? Come on, man. 

Benzino and Coi Leray via Instagram

Benzino went on to talk about his daughter, Coi Leray, who he has publicly beefed with on and off of social media. 

My daughter came into the industry figuring hey I gotta be cool with Eminem because everybody is against my dad.

You think this s— is f—g cool?! Nah, man.

We’re failing as a people.


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Zino continued his drunken rant drenched in tears as he made a public plea to Eminem. 

I don’t hate Eminem. I don’t know him to hate him.

I don’t hate white people. I’m tired of this s—, man. It’s just too much.

I don’t want to be the bad guy.

I got an eight-year-old son that I dropped off at school this morning.

Come on, man. Come on, man. I’m alright.

I don’t want my DMs filled with – I’ve had 9 pages knocked down.

White people think – I love all people. Come on, man.

All me and Eminem got to do is sit down and talk with each other.

Let’s sit down and talk. Let’s battle.

Let’s do whatever. Face-to-face…meet each other.

I’d hug him. 

Watch Benzino Talk About Eminem On ‘Drink Champs’

Benzino also gathered himself a bit and spoke about unity. 

Social Media Reactions

Benzino had a tough crowd in the streets of Twitter. 

He is currently trending as people react to his malt liquor meltdown on “Drink Champs.” 

Someone wrote, “Benzino might be the first rap dude to kick off a beef, argue with himself, and somehow still walks away a crying loser ☠️

Read more tweets below. 

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