Shannon Sharpe Speaks On Mending His Relationship With Skip Bayless

Shannon Sharpe recently revealed on Sirius XM’s “Mad Dog Sports Radio” that he had to get Skip Bayless in a room to talk to mend their relationship after two months of disagreements on FS1’s “Undisputed,” where things sometimes crossed the line.

You can have, like, 15 great years and someone has a bad moment, and they’re willing to throw all that away.

I wasn’t willing to throw the two months that Skip and I disagreed a lot, sometimes I think things went over the line…

And so, I appreciate everything that Skip had done for me, bringing me there, giving me an opportunity to show that I was more than just a football player, I can talk about more in the sports world than just football.

So I wasn’t willing to throw that away. Skip and I just needed to get into a room and talk, and calmer heads prevailed.

…We’re great, we’re great!

Look, Skip and I don’t have the type of relationship that Skip and Stephen A. had because Skip and Stephen A. came from the same world.

Both writers, both journalists, they’re trained, they see what they see through the journalist’s eyes.

I’m an ex-athlete, I see things through an athlete’s eyes.

And so for me, we see things differently that’s why we work on the show.

He sees things one way, I see things another way.

But, I think the thing is that… I conveyed to Skip is that, ‘Look we can disagree, but I want to color between the lines. I don’t want the disagreement to go outside the lines, and where it becomes…’

Shannon Sharpe said, overall Skip Bayless has done great things for his career.

Skip gave me this opportunity and the platform that I have, ‘Club Shay Shay Podcast’ and ‘Undisputed’…

More people know me now from Skip and Shannon ‘Undisputed’ than know me in 14 years that I played in the NFL.

People ask me, ‘Like, how do you know so much about sports? How do you know so much about football?’

I was like, ‘I study a lot.’ A lot of people don’t realize that I actually played and was a pretty good player, Mad Dog.

Shannon Sharpe also addressed taking accountability and responsibility for getting into an argument at the Lakers arena with Dillon Brooks of the Memphis Grizzlies.

In that situation I forgot who I was. 

It was a situation that the temperature in the arena needed to be turned down. 

I turned it up. 

I’m the adult in that situation, not to say that they are not adults, but I’m a 54-year-old I got kids older than them. 

So instead of escalating a situation, I should’ve de-escalated a situation.

I should of just, ‘Man y’all crazy, man y’all… The Lakers still gonna win this game,’ laughed it off.

But, I escalated a situation, and I shouldn’t have.

Guys hear me all the time, I preach responsibility and accountability.

I took responsibility for what I had done.

…And so, my thing was once I had realized what I had done, I didn’t think the proper thing for me to do was to go on the social media and apologize.

Let me go on my platform, let me look into the camera, it was not written in prompter, that was straight from my heart.

…That was a Friday night, I did it on Monday morning.

…I called them Saturday, called my bosses and told them, I said, ‘I know you guys have seen it, but let me explain what happened…’ 

Watch the clip of the Shannon Sharpe interview on “Mad Dog Sports Radio” below:

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