Marlon Wayans took to social media on Tuesday to say his post about the riverfront brawl in Montgomery, Alabama, was “misinterpreted.”

The 51-year-old comedian and actor was visibly annoyed for having to even address the post.

In case you missed it, on Monday, Marlon posted a short clip of the brawl along with the caption, “How ‘bout we NOT “try that in a small town”…. Sh*t silly bro… let’s all just be love NOT war.”

See his original post below.

The post drew outrage and it didn’t take long before Marlon Wayans was trending in the streets of Twitter.

In the videos, posted on his Instagram page, Marlon blamed the media for creating “false articles, false headlines, and false narratives.”

It had absolutely nothing to do with all of the people in his comments who were confused by the post.

Marlon said:

I woke up to a bunch of stupid a** Google Alerts from a bunch of stupid a** sites misinterpreting my entire post. 

Why the f**k would I criticize Black people for defending themselves? I’m Black. The f**k?! 

Nobody knows irony anymore, huh? I guess that just went out the window. It’s the irony of the [Jason Aldean] song. 

Stupid a**es. 

Marlon Wayans’ position of blaming “stupid a** sites” for failing to comprehend the message he was trying to convey didn’t go a smoothly as expected. 

One person eloquently commented:

As a comedian your job is to convey a clear and concise message Marlon.

If the mass majority misinterprets your message then it’s not considered irony it is sheer miscommunication. 🙏🏿

The good news is a majority of Marlon’s commenters were supportive and said they caught the irony and the point of his post. 

Watch both videos below. 

For the record, I think Marlon is misinterpreting the outrage.

There were multiple videos floating around the internet dubbed with Jason Aldean’s ridiculous song to show the irony of it.

He lost folks with, “Sh*t silly bro… let’s all just be love NOT war,” after a 60+-year-old Black man was jumped by multiple White men.

Did you get the irony of Marlon Wayans’ initial post about the Montgomery riverfront brawl or were you one of the “stupid a**es” who “misinterpreted” it?

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