'Love & Marriage Huntsville': Things Get Shady When Tiffany Reveals Destiny Is Opening Up For R&B Singer Monica

In “Love & Marriage Huntsville” Season 5, Episode 14, Destiny Payton confirmed she’s opening up for R&B singer Monica after an assist from Tiffany Whitlow.

During Martell Holt’s wine-tasting event in Huntsville, Stormi Steele, LaTisha Scott, Tiffany, and Destiny were engaged in an interesting conversation about edibles.

Tiffany, whose known for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, diverted from the edible conversation, and asked Destiny a rhetorical question about her being the opening act for R&B singer Monica.

You have a concert coming up?… 

You opening for Monica?…

Destiny confirmed that the news was true, and Stormi asked if she had dancers and a whole routine.

Destiny confirmed once again, and Tisha instantly asked why she wasn’t asked to be a dancer, and Destiny let her know there is a difference between dancing on stage at a concert and twerking.

Stormi said she was coming up to see the show, which seemed to take Destiny by surprise.

I’m coming!

You know I’ll be there.

I’m coming up!

I wouldn’t miss this for the world.

Destiny responded sarcastically, “I bet you wouldn’t.”

Stormi continued:

I got to see this. I got to see this

Tiffany doing what she does, questioned Destiny’s reaction by asking, “Was that shade?”

Stormi clearly took offense because when Destiny attempted to give her a hug for saying she would come up to support her, she pushed the hug off, and told Destiny she is not a fan.

Nah, I’m not a fan…

I’m coming, I got to see it…

I would’ve been a fan if I just didn’t feel like you was being shady.

Destiny told Stormi she wasn’t being shady she said, “Thanks for being our biggest fan.”

Stormi quickly corrected her by telling her she is a “supporter” implying that she is not a fan.

Watch the clip from “Love & Marriage Huntsville below:

Once again, a conversation gone left because of Tiffany.

If Destiny wanted the group to know she was opening up for Monica, she would have told them herself.

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