‘Love & Hip Hop Miami’: Shay Warns Amara About Dating Safaree

Shay Johnson and Amara La Negra got into a heated discussion about her dating Safaree in Season 5, Episode 2 of “Love & Hip Hop: Miami.”

Amara confronted Shay about a video that went viral of her reaction to finding out that she and Safaree were dating.

Shay recorded the video at Amara’s twin daughter’s birthday party.

Her reaction came after Safaree presented the 1-year-old twins with Rolex watches and shared his feelings about Amara with everyone at the birthday party, and kissed her in front of everyone.

Shay said in her video recording:

Wtf! They are really together. Like, I’m happy if she’s happy. That’s all I can say, but I did not see this coming.

Shay tried to explain to Amara that they are not in a good space in their relationship because if they were she would’ve known about Safaree before the relationship reveal at her daughter’s birthday party.

She also told Amara that she shared the same wow factor with the people that viewed the video because she was caught off guard, and she clearly said at the end of the video “I’m happy if she’s happy.”

Amara wasn’t feeling the vibes. She said Shay was being a hater because her “happy” comment was about tone and delivery.

Shay expressed to Amara that she didn’t want her to get hurt given Safaree’s history because she cares about her, but Amara said she is taking her time and Safaree has been great to her.

As the conversation intensified, Shay told Amara that Safaree said he was getting a vasectomy, which was news to Amara because she wants to have more children.

Amara said it’s his body and he could do what he wants to with it, but she would talk to him later about it.

She then sent Shay over the each by telling her she was acting insecure for the second time, causing Shay to yell:

That slut right there, if he don’t change his ways he’s gonna hurt your feelings.

And just because I’m a friend that’s trying to tell you, why you mad at me?

Girl, I can’t, I love you, but you a stupid b***h sometimes.

Watch the clip from S5, E2 of “Love & Hip Hop Miami” below:

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Watch the conversation that Shay had with Safaree before talking to Amara below:

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