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Former “Flavor of Love” star and actress Deelishis took to her Instagram page to issue a public apology to Sukihana after her comment about her being on the floor of the MTV VMAs seemingly caused friction between them.

When Suki hit the carpet of the VMA’s on all fours, Deelishis commented, “Too many outdoor shoes been on the carpet buttercup 😮😷”

Sukihana responded, “Girl you was sleeping with Flavor Flav you ain’t scare of nothing.”

See the exchange below.

Sukihana - Deelishis

Once the exchange began making its rounds on blogs and social media, Deelishis quickly took to her Instagram page to dead the issue by offering Sukihana a public apology.

1st off let me start off by saying to @sukihanagoat I apologize if my comment upset or offended you… I should have said “you too fine for that flo” which is a much more precise way of describing what I thought when I saw the post or even better NOT COMMENT at all.

But unfortunately, I never thought “my comment” would be viewed as an insult. My ppl told me not to respond but the new agenda is to put women at odds and have us hating each other for no good reason! I refuse to conform to that agenda.

I believe if you offend someone publicly you should be man or woman enough to apologize and correct your mistake publicly! My comment obviously felt like a judgement and that wasn’t cool! I’m a fan and an advocate for women.

No harm was intended Queen and I wish you a blessed #WCW buttercup ❤️🙏🏼
#Women #BiggerThanMyMistakes
#ToBlessedToStressOthers #Accountability #WomenEmpowerWomen

Sukihana has not publicly responded to Deelishis’ apology, but she did take to Twitter to repost a tweet that says no one claps back like her and Cardi B and added, “There’s one more person and her name is Masika she gone write a long paragraph tho.”

Do you think Deelishis did the right thing by apologizing to clear the air?

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