‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Season 10 Reunion Part 2: Erica Mena Speaks Her Truth About Her Divorce, While Safaree Struggles To Express Himself

Erica Mena told her truth about her divorce from Safaree, and he declined to share his perspective on the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” Season 10 Reunion Part 2.

Erica opened up and shared raw emotions about some dark times she experienced prior to her divorce from Safaree.

It’s obvious me and Safaree will never be…

I was in the hospital bed… with this man’s son.

That man didn’t care if I made it through that pregnancy.

That man didn’t care if I made it through that labor.

I really have fought through some dark times, like, literally I couldn’t get out of bed guys!

There was days I could not eat!

But, at the same time I had to face my kids, and I got to act like everything is okay because I’m the only one that feeds them on a day-to-day basis.

Like, I had to drag myself out of that dark place.

With my first son, because I had to hustle so much, I sacrificed so much time away from my firstborn that I’m still trying to make it up to this day.

And this is stuff that I’ve confessed, you know, and been vulnerable with him about.

That’s why it’s weird that he knows traumatic experiences I’ve had of being a single mother once, and he turns around and makes me a single mother twice.

I’ve already come to terms that Safaree will never really take accountability.

And, that’s fine he don’t owe me nothing.

All he owes now is his kids, and that’s all I care about.

When Safaree was asked by reunion host Claudia Jordan if he would like to say anything in response, he declined to say a word.

After being encouraged by Scrappy, Claudia, Shekina, and Kirk to speak in order to release the pain he may be feeling, Safaree responded:

Who wants to get married, have kids, and then end up here?…

Like, I wouldn’t have thought 2 years later this is where we would’ve been.

We were just at a place where it was just who could hurt who the most, and we were there for a long time.

It sucks!… Definitely sorry for the time when our son was born… And I left a week later.

Watch the video clip from “The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” Season 10 Reunion Part 2 below:

Surprisingly, a lot of commenters came to Safaree’s defense.

Erica Mena even popped up in the comments to defend herself.

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