'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta': Erica Mena Asks Scrappy If He Got Diamond Pregnant

In Season 11, Episode 4, of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” things got heated between Erica Mena and Lil Scrappy during a conversation about if he’s still willing to fight for his marriage with Bambi.

Erica and Scrappy have a history of being good friends and being there for each other when their relationships with their romantic partners are not in a good place.

In the video clip, Lil Scrappy acknowledged that he told Safaree how wrong he was when he was mistreating Erica, and he said he was on Erica’s side for a long time.

He said he knew Erica way before she knew Bambi, and he expressed his frustration with Erica taking Bambi’s side in their split.

Lil Scrappy told Erica:

Listen man, I done been in there with Safaree, right?… Telling him how wrong he was, and I was actually on Erica’s side for a long time.

And, the fact that she just takes Bam’s side over me, and I’ve known you for the longest, way before you knew her.

I feel like Erica is thinking of her own life and projecting it on Bam.

As their conversation intensified, Scrappy admitted that he still loves Bam, but he feels like she “never did no wife sh*t!”

Erica responded:

Is that why you got Diamond pregnant?…

Watch the clip of Erica Mena and Scrappy’s argument from S11, E4 of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” below:

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