Shekinah Jo took accountability for her actions, admitted she was wrong, and apologized to Chrissy Lampkin, over the situation with Teairra Mari.

Earlier in the season, Shekinah approached Chrissy and asked her if she thinks Teairra Mari paid 50 Cent yet for the revenge porn lawsuit she filed against him and lost.

Eventually, word got back to Teairra that Shekinah was talking about her owing 50 Cent money, and when Shekinah tried to call the person out Chrissy stepped up and cleared the smoke.

All of these interactions led to Shekinah taking accountability for her actions, admitting she was wrong for handling things the way she did, and apologizing to Chrissy:

I want to apologize to Chrissy…

Cause Chrissy I have always kind of looked up to you, liked you, been watching you, half of all my life.

You understand?…

So, what I said the other day about the situation, what you heard about her, however it went…

I want to apologize because I did say that, and I was out of line, and I’m grown.

And I’m taking accountability!

I’m taking accountability that I did say that, and I was wrong, and I shouldn’t have said that at that time.


That’s all I want to do, I want to apologize to you.

Chrissy accepted the apology and said that’s all she wanted, and they could move forward like it never happened

Watch the clip of Shekinah’s apology from “Love & Hip Hop Family Reunion” below::

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