LBJ On Shannon Sharpe After The Shay Show At The Crypto: 'I Ride With Shannon 365 Days A Year, 66 On A Leap Year'

LeBron James is standing ten toes down with Shannon Sharpe after his brief kerfuffle on Friday night at the Los Angeles Lakers game when the team faced off against the Memphis Grizzlies.

Apparently, Shannon told Dillon Brooks he could guard LeBron and things got heated.

Grizzlies center Stephen Adams, who could easily double for Aquaman, and Ja Morant’s dad Tee Morant, came to Dillon’s defense and started arguing with Shannon.

Watch the ESPN footage below:

Shannon was eventually taken away by security.

Shannon Sharpe, who is a 2x NFL Champion and an NFL Hall of Famer, has made it very clear since he started co-hosting “Undisputed” with Skip Bayless that he is a huge LeBron James fan, but his behavior was out of character for the man affectionately known as “Uncle Shay Shay.”

The Memphis Grizzlies are having a great year as a team, they are currently the #2 team in the West, and they’re known for being very confident and doing a lot of trash-talking.

During the game, LeBron James had an exchange with guard Desmond Banes, and soon after, he took his frustrations out on Grizzlies center Jaren Jackson Jr.

When Shannon Sharpe returned to the court, cooler heads prevailed, and he made peace with Tee Morant.

Dillon Brooks wasn’t in a peaceful mood after losing to the Lakers.

He called Shannon a “blogger” and a “regular pedestrian,” and he told reporters he shouldn’t have been allowed to return to the game.

In a post-game interview, LeBron James said he will “always” have Shannon Sharpe’s back.

I ride with Shannon 365 days, 66 on a leap year, 24-7 so…

That’s my guy so I always got his back.

And he got mine so… Um, he can talk with the best of em fasho.

The following day, LeBron posted a photo of Shannon on Instagram.

Cue the Shannon Sharpe memes!

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