Shannon Sharpe & Twitter React To Skip Bayless Refusing To Take Down His Disrespectful "MNF" Tweet

Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless had another spicy moment on “Undisputed” after Shannon suggested that Skip remove his disrespectful “Monday Night Football” tweet.

Skip tweeted that he didn’t understand how the NFL is considering postponing the rest of a game in which Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field and was administered emergency CPR.

Skip received a lot of backlash on Twitter over his tweet.

On Tuesday, Shannon Sharpe didn’t show up on “Undisputed” out of respect for Damar Hamlin’s critical condition status.

Skip Bayless hosted the show by himself, and he was singing a completely different tune about his insensitive tweet.

He said his tweet was misconstrued, and the bosses suggested that he address the issue given the backlash he was receiving.

Upon his return to the show, Shannon wanted to start the show with a special message regarding Damar Hamlin.

When Shannon suggested that Skip remove the insensitive tweet, Skip instantly went into defense mode and interrupted Shannon for bringing up the topic.

Skip claimed no one at the network had a problem with the tweet, but he must’ve forgotten that he told the world yesterday on the show that he said the bosses wanted him to respond because of the backlash.

Shannon who was visibly frustrated by Skip’s response told the show’s moderator, Jennifer Hale to carry on.

Twitter is speculating that Shannon Sharpe will be taking his talents elsewhere very soon because of the continued disrespect he’s been receiving from Skip Bayless.

Scoop some tweets below:

Just a few weeks ago, Skip told Shannon that Tom Brady is way better than he ever was as a football player.

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