Derrick Rose Makes It Clear That He’s Not With The Memphis Grizzlies To Babysit Ja Morant

Derrick Rose made it blatantly clear during NBA media day that he is not with the Memphis Grizzlies to babysit Ja Morant, but he’s there to push him.

The Memphis Grizzlies franchise believes Derrick Rose, a veteran NBA former MVP (2011), will be a good mentor for Ja.

Ja will miss the first 25 games of the regular season for conduct detrimental to the league. He was seen brandishing a firearm on Instagram for the second time in three months.

Hopefully, D. Rose will be a good influence, but he wanted the world to know that he’s not a babysitter or a cheerleader.

I just told him, ‘I’m not here to babysit you.

I’m not here to follow you around.

I’m not here to cheerlead or, ah… I’m here to push you.’

Um, in the league, it’s very few players, or it’s very few, um, opportunities where players get a chance to play with somebody that has a similar style of play.

And, um, I’m very fortunate to be in this situation, where a lot of people look at his game, and they kind of compare our games together.

But, he’s on a whole other level, so with me saying that it’s my job to push him and let him know, in times, like, whenever he’s being reckless, to calm down.

Watch the clip of D. Rose talking about his role on the Grizzlies as it relates to Ja below (swipe).

Check out a few comments from Instagram below.

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We wish D. Rose and Ja Morant all the best in the upcoming NBA season.

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