LaTocha Scott on Watch What Happens Live

LaTocha Scott is now singing a different tune from her snotty-nosed Instagram press conference last week where she said she was in an open marriage.

While addressing her husband Rocky Bivens‘ alleged infidelities, LaTocha said with her chest:

Do we have problems? Are we perfect? No, we are not. Is he perfect? No, he is not.

Am I perfect? I’m not perfect. I’m very much aware of the allegations that are happening about him.

I see everything. As a wife, you know. You see everything. But, with our relationship, some people keep the fact that they have an open relationship quiet.

They want to keep it private. But, we have that. And for us to be judged or whatever by the things that people are saying…y’all keep judging.

Y’all keep living. Y’all got marriages – everybody ain’t gone always be true.

Things happen. At the end of the day, do I stand beside my husband? I know. Y’all think I don’t know. I know everything. Everything!

I’m not oblivious to things. My husband and I – what y’all don’t understand is we do have an open relationship. We have spoken about things.

That is my private business.

During her appearance on “Watch What Happens Live,” on Sunday night, the Xscape singer clarified that she is not in an open marriage.

LaTocha told Andy Cohen that she and Rocky have open communication.

We communicate. We have open communication. But, that we keep things private.

He doesn’t have it that good. No. 

I was emotional that day, but yeah.

Watch the WWHL clip below.

During her appearance on “Watch What Happens Live,” LaTocha Scott was asked a number of things regarding the fallout with her sister Tamika Scott.

Let’s just say the remarks that she made about her sister and the way she skirted around the truth invalidated her public apology to her.

Watch the clips below.

She also noted that she needs to have a conversation with Tiny Harris‘ mother, Diane Cottle-Pope, who confirmed the address change on Tamika’s royalty checks from Sound Exchange.

LaTocha Scott is currently trending on Twitter as folks swiftly took to their timelines to react to the things she said on WWHL.

Get into a few tweets below.

SWV & XSCAPE: The Queens of R&B” concluded on Sunday night, but something tells me the drama will still continue to air in the streets of social media.

Do you believe LaTocha Scott misspoke in regard to her marriage or is she trying to backtrack in order to sell copies of her new Gospel album?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or join the convo on our socials. (Facebook, Instagram)

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