LaTocha Scott apologizes to Tamika Scott - Open Marriage with Rocky Bivens

LaTocha Scott took to the streets of Quinta Brunson‘s internet and cried like Jimmy Swaggart as she addressed her issues with her sister, Tamika Scott, her open marriage with her husband, Rocky Bivens, and the backlash she has received.

Ironically, LaTocha claims all of the drama and controversy she’s been experiencing is a result of her “wanting to sing.”

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In a tearful Instagram Live video, LaTocha said, “Me wanting to sing has caused so much controversy. So many allegations…and I’m like where is all of this stuff coming from?”

She went on to say that she knows “the enemy is busy” and she’s in “the valley.”

LaTocha Scott then chastised the public for the backlash she has been receiving.

“Y’all keep poking and y’all keep pushing and y’all keep talking. And I get it y’all can say whatever y’all want to say, but do keep in mind I’m a human being just like y’all,” she said.

LaTocha On Her Open Marriage

The “Stay With Me” singer went on to discuss her marriage to Rocky Bivens.

I’ve you’ve been paying attention, you know that Rocky not only has been accused of endorsing and signing Tamika Scott’s royalty checks but he’s also been put on blast for allegedly having a five-year affair with a woman name Unykue Foucha.

Rocky jumped on a phone call with Tasha K after she conducted an in-depth interview with the mistress and said that LaTocha was aware of the alleged affair and they both found it “laughable.”

It appears he may have been telling the truth because LaTocha confirmed she and Rocky have an open marriage and she is fully aware of the other women.

Do we have problems? Are we perfect? No, we are not. Is he perfect? No, he is not. Am I perfect? I’m not perfect. I’m very much aware of the allegations that are happening about him.

I see everything. As a wife, you know. You see everything. But, with our relationship, some people keep the fact that they have an open relationship quiet.

They want to keep it private. But, we have that. And for us to be judged or whatever by the things that people are saying…y’all keep judging. Y’all keep living. Y’all got marriages – everybody ain’t gone always be true.

Things happen. At the end of the day, do I stand beside my husband? I know. Y’all think I don’t know. I know everything. Everything!

I’m not oblivious to things. My husband and I – what y’all don’t understand is we do have an open relationship. We have spoken about things.

That is my private business.

LaTocha On Her Sister Tamika Scott

LaTocha Scott claims she became aware of the $30,000 in stolen royalty checks on “SWV & XSCAPE: The Queens of R&B.”

“I don’t have the answers. I found out about a $30,000 allegation when I watched the TV with y’all,” she said.

Sis, you don’t remember filming the scene last year?!

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Once again, LaTocha denied taking Tamika’s money despite the receipt where we saw the change of address form Tocha allegedly submitted to Sound Exchange to redirect the checks to her address.

Now, Tocha says she also has receipts and she’s asking Tamika to sit down with her to go through both of their receipts to figure out what happened.

“We need to sit down and figure out what this is cause we can get through anything. But, we have to communicate,” she said. “Whatever it is we can resolve it.”

LaTocha Scott apologized to her sister saying, “I apologize to you, Tamika…if I didn’t hear you. If I didn’t hear your voice. I’m sorry.”

She ended the tearful Instagram Live by saying, “I want my sister. I love you.”

Watch the clips courtesy of TSR below.

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The streets of Twitter are buzzing with LaTocha Scott’s latest effort to save face, play victim, and hang on to her Motown Gospel recording contract.

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