Xscape confronts LaTocha Scott (1)

Whew, chile! 2023 is quickly becoming “The Year of Receipts” and LaTocha Scott isn’t fairing well.

Xscape confronted Tocha after learning her husband, Rocky Bivens, was receiving kickbacks from the promoter in exchange for getting all four members of the group to do shows.

Keep in mind, this is additional money the other ladies weren’t receiving or informed about.

Tamika Scott came to the meeting equipped with a blue folder containing copies of text messages between Rocky and the promoter, as well as proof of one of the payments made to Rocky.

So the moment LaTocha began to deny the accusations, the copies were distributed among the group, and key points were read aloud.

One text read, “We still good on our deal also for these 5 shows? I explained to my wife that you were my guy…So can you shoot me 20…I just showed her you already sent me 10K…”

The promoter responded, “I will look out for you, but I need all four ladies.”

What they didn’t read aloud was the rest of the texts.

No worries…I gotchu.

Rocky wrote: 

I’m with you that’s why I’m showing her that you got me because she is the one who is gonna make all of them listen she heard you sent their money today so she was happy about that and I said he sent me money too and to tell all the girls in rehearsal today they have to stick together as a whole. 

???We working on her right now I have ultimate bate for her you have to say yes and it will probably work

We still good on our deal for these 5 shows? I explained to my wife that you were my guy like Jeff Mona guy and they didn’t keep their word with me so no matter what we going with you or she is not doing anything.

So you can shoot me 20 so I can show her. I just showed her you already sent me 10K so she gets it now. I got you my guy. Trust me I want to make money for all us. 


We will discuss. The Deal is for all four ladies. I will look out for you but I need all four ladies. 

Now, who do you think Rocky Bivens and LaTocha Scott were “working on” and planning to “bait” into this deal?

Watch the clip below courtesy of The Peach Report.

It’s LaTocha Scott pretending not to know what they are talking about for me. 

And we’re supposed to believe they didn’t take Tamika Scott’s $30,000 and threaten to extort her over a sex tape. 


Are y’all planning to scoop LaTocha’s Gospel album?

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