La La Anthony Sparks Instagram Debate By Asking, ‘Should You Post Your Partner On Social Media?’

La La Anthony recently started a debate on Instagram by asking if you should post your partner on social media.

The “BMF” actress said she was recently at a dinner, and the question came up, and everyone had different opinions.

Should you post your partner on social media?

That was a topic that came up at a dinner I was at, and everybody had different opinions on it.

So if you’re in a relationship with somebody, should you post them on social media?

In the video, posted on her official Instagram page, La La Anthony shared a few of the opposing views on the topic. 

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See the original post below.

It wasn’t long before La La’s comment section began filling up with opinions on the topic. 

Toya Wright wrote:

I say whatever works for that couple. I get both sides. I say post if you guys want to post and if you want to keep people out of your business don’t post.

I didn’t post my husband for the first year of dating not because I was hiding him it’s because I had just ended a public relationship and wanted to keep things private as long as I could…Just do whatever works for you. ❤️

JT of the City Girls commented, “It’s not mandatory, idc.”

Logan Browning wrote, “When I’m in a relationship I’ll you know. 😂

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Do you think you should post your partner on social media?

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