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La La Anthony Cautions Against Tattoo Removal

La La Anthony via Instagram

La La Anthony took to her Instagram Story on Wednesday and issued a warning against undergoing the tattoo removal process.

The “BMF” actress wrote, “Don’t ever do tattoo removal!! Just keep the tattoo or get it covered 🥹

She added, “I promise you this is the worst F#%!#% pain I’ve ever felt 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

See La La Anthony’s original post below.


Most tattoo removals are done with lasers that are used to lighten the tattoo or remove it altogether.

The laser light energy shatters the tattoo ink into small particles, which the body’s immune system clears over time. 

Complications with laser tattoo removal include pain, blistering, crusting, and pinpoint hemorrhage.

La La Anthony didn’t disclose which tattoo she is having removed, but I appreciate the warning.

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