DJ Envy Gets Dragged On Twitter (X) After Feds Allegedly Visit IHeartRadio Offices In Real Estate Scheme Investigation

DJ Envy of “The Breakfast Club” is currently trending in the streets of Twitter (X) after federal agents visited the offices of iHeartRadio in connection to the Cesar Pina real estate fraud investigation.

Envy, whose real name is Raashaun Casey, denied any involvement in Cesar’s “Ponzi-like” scheme that defrauded investors out of millions of dollars.

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He told listeners:

Now, Cesar? If he took money, I wasn’t privy to it nor did I even know. But, I do understand how people feel if they did give him money, because I gave him a lot of money that I didn’t see a dollar of returned.

But for anybody to say I was involved, that is totally not true. I would never. 

Watch the “Channel 4 New York” news I-Team report below:

DJ Envy is currently trending on Twitter as the public reacts to the latest developments in the real estate fraud case.

Check out a few tweets below.

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Source: NBC New York

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