La La Anthony Shoot Your Shot

La La Anthony recently appeared on “The Breakfast Club” and very confidently said she has no problem shooting her shot as a female if she sees someone she’s interested in, and she encouraged other females to do the same.

I’m very confident, if I have to I will…

I’m just saying, like, it’s nothing wrong if a female sees something they like to approach or put something out there.

Like, sometimes females don’t want to do that, and they feel like the guy always has to be the one pursuing.

Like, it’s okay sometimes a guy might not think you’re interested or would ever even give him a shot so I’m saying it’s a certain way you go about it.

Just put a little something out there and see what happens.

The “BMF” actress also gave an example of how she would shoot her shot, and it was very simplistic but she clarified that it’s how she says it that makes it effective.

The discussion broke off into a tangent of  “when is it inappropriate to shoot your shot,” and La La made a great point that if you’re not interested in the person, it’s always inappropriate.

Watch the clip from La La Anthony’s interview on “The Breakfast Club” below:

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