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Kelly Price Suffers Panic Attack, Calls Out Delta Over Unmasked Passengers

Kelly Price took to social media late Thursday night (October 28) to call out Delta Airlines after she had a panic attack over unmasked passengers.

The singer, who is still dealing with the effects of long COVID, said an unmasked couple checked in, entered the Club Lounge, and got food and drink without anyone checking them.

Kelly Price tweeted:

Having a panic attack and trying to calm down . A couple checked in .. no masks no one said a word. Club lounge no masks no one said a word … got food and drinks in the lounge no masks no one said a word. @delta I nearly died from COVID and wondering are there 2 sets of rules?

The question is how do we fly with confidence? If me or any @delta customer said something things could have gone left quickly. We are all told we have to “comply” how did they with their smug smiles waiting for someone to say something NOT get stopped. Not be told to mask up?

This is frightening @delta

See Kelly’s original tweets below:

I totally understand Kelly’s concern, however, I’m surprised she’s even traveling considering all that she’s been through.

Hopefully, Delta will do a better job of enforcing their safety precautions.

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