Kelly Price said she was never missing, and she blames her strained relationship with her sister Shanrae Price for the creation of this narrative.

Kelly is still struggling with a horrible bout of COVID, despite getting her first “clean” COVID test a week ago.

She said she has what is called “long COVID” and she is facing an uphill battle.

Kelly said she actually died during her battle with COVID.

At some point they lost me.

I woke up some days later, a couple days later, and the first thing I remember is the team of doctors standing around me and asking me if I knew what year it was.

I died… I died!

Prior to going to the hospital, her  husband was taking care of her at home.

He was in constant communication with her primary care physician, but when her temperature reached 103 and her breathing became irregular he called an ambulance, and she was emitted.

He tested positive a week prior to Kelly going to the hospital.

After being discharged from the hospital, because they needed beds, they sent Kelly home with oxygen, and home health aids checked on her for a period of four weeks.

She said she left her house about a week ago because she was constantly being harassed by fans.

Kelly said she hasn’t seen her sister in a year, and their relationship has been strained for a very long time.

It hasn’t been two months since I’ve seen my sister, it’s been a year.

I haven’t been in the same room with her since my mother’s funeral.

Prior to that we hadn’t seen each other all pandemic long.

That’s not new for us!… It’s not new for us.

We’ve been strained for a very long time.

I was never missing…  I was never missing.  I was in my home, I was being seen by doctors.

First and foremost, with two people in the house with COVID, we both had COVID… there was no visiting… there was no visiting the house we both had active COVID cases.

Everyone in my family knew exactly where I was.

And I have to say, that it’s really disappointing that things came to this.

And even when it comes to my daughter, I feel like she was easily manipulated.

People are saying she’s a kid, she’s not a kid, she’s 27-years-old, she’s my youngest, but in that situation she was easily manipulated… to go along with that.

She’s my baby!

I have never been in danger, I am not in danger right now.

I am focusing on putting myself first.

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Kelly’s attorney Monica Ewing said, “this was a false report of a crime,” and she is working on getting Kelly removed from the Georgia’s missing person’s list.

Kelly thanks everyone for their prayers, and she said she would never “misuse the justice system to push a personal vendetta or agenda” that she had with anybody.

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Kelly took to Instagram to share the following message:

Kelly Price’s daughter, Nia Rolle, took to Facebook to ask for prayers for her family.

Our prayers are with Kelly Price and her family.

Source: TMZ

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