Kelly Price, Diddy (via Instagram)

Kelly Price is responding to criticism she received for sending prayers and encouragement to Diddy following his online apology on Sunday.

The disgraced music mogul released an apology video 48 hours after a 2016 hotel surveillance video showed him brutally beating Cassie Ventura.

Kelly Price took to the comment section of Diddy’s apology post writing:

It is my sincere prayer that the power of the Holy Ghost overtake you so that you not not only have a change of heart but a change of mind and a change of direction.

I have seen you at your best and at your worst I know what you are capable of being when you were at your best despite the seductions of this industry.

I want to see you and I want to see you soon too kreate8 this in this business but I need you to pray and I need you to receive from the most high.

I need for those prayers to take place sincerely.

You are a unique talent, and both sides that represent light and darkness receive you anxiously.

Do you know who God is! Lane not until your own understanding but all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your path.

See her original comment below.


Social Media Reacts

The social media swoop down on Kelly Price was swift!

Someone commented directly on Kelly’s prayer writing, “Kelly baby please. You had us thinking you was kidnapped.”

But, the criticism and backlash didn’t stop there.

Twitter was litty city in response to Kelly’s comment.

Read a few Tweets below.

Kelly Price Clarifies Her Comments To Diddy

After receiving backlash and criticism, Kelly returned to social media and clarified her “prayers” for Diddy.

The caption on her video read: 

For those who misconstrued, misinterpreted or just chose to put words in my mouth, this is for clarity.

If you choose to believe otherwise that’s your choice but I won’t let anyone call me out for something I didn’t do.

I can’t offer redemption, forgiveness or Grace because my name is Kelly, not Jesus.

Therapy+Jesus that’s doing the Soul work.

What happens legally is up to the people who have that authority.

Watch Kelly Price’s video below.

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  1. kelly Price Haven’T Been in The Limelights For Decades, So She Trying To get it Anyway She Can, And she Knew This Would Get her Back in The Spotlight More Than IF She Would Have Said How Bad He Hurt Cassie,Remember The Devil Was One Of GOD’s ANGEL, Before It Turn Into The Devil.

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