Woman Speaks Out After Being Stuck On A Delta Flight For Over 4hrs. In 111-Degree Heat

Krista Garvin recently spoke out about the traumatizing conditions she endured on a Delta flight for over four hours in 111-degree heat.

The flight was headed from Las Vegas to Atlanta, but it never left the tarmac at Harry Reid Airport that day.

Krista said it was chaotic inside the plane on the tarmac.

It was just like chaos at this point.

There was a woman walking up the aisle. She looked like she was about to just pass out. They ended up putting an oxygen mask on her.

There’s ambulances outside the window. There’s, you know, multiple firemen. There was… the fire department came on. A bunch of them came to the back. The sanitary crew came to the back. People had thrown up. People had fainted, you know… gone to the bathroom.

It’s just traumatizing at this point.

There’s people running around everywhere. They come over the loudspeaker and they say you can choose to get off the plane or you can stay on, and if you get off, just know you may not get a flight out for a couple of days.

Krista Garvin said her flight was scheduled to leave at 1:40 PM, and after two hours people around her started getting sick from the heat, including flight attendants.

After four hours everyone was asked to leave the plane, and those who passed out were taken out on stretchers.

Krista was told to come back the next day for a flight scheduled to leave out at 7:00 AM, but the flight was canceled.

Hairy Reed Airport said in a statement that medical teams did respond to a call aboard an aircraft.

Delta said in a statement that they apologize and they are looking into what caused the uncomfortable temperatures inside the cabin.

It is unknown what caused the original delay.

Watch the “11 Alive” news report about the Delta flight below:

Delta, lawsuits soon come.

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