Kelly Price-Teyana Taylor

Kelly Price took to social media to get a few things off of her chest in defense of Teyana Taylor.

Apparently, there are new rumors claiming former NBA star and “The Chi” star Iman Shumpert is cheating again and Kelly doesn’t appreciate the way Teyana is being talked about and treated for trying to save her family.

The “Friend of Mine” singer admitted that she was emotional because she’d been there before.

Kelly was also angered by the fact that it was another Black woman tearing Teyana down.

I just listened to a female Black woman who is a blogger go in on Teyana Taylor.

Basically, calling her all kinds of things. About the fact that she speaks up for her family and when there are allegations out there that she comes to the defense of her family and she comes to the defense of her husband.

What else is she supposed to do? She’s not a sidepiece. She’s not a side hoe. She’s a wife. They have a family.

Watch the clip of Kelly Price venting about Teyana’s family business while her fire alarm chirps in the background below.

Kelly Price also posted the following message on her Instagram page:

You disrespect yourself every time you let something slide that doesn’t sit right with you. So I’ve buckled down on my boundaries as a form of self love. My time is valuable, my feelings are valid and those who love me, will respect it. I desire nothing more and will take nothing less.

Many people are applauding Kelly for coming to Teyana’s defense and for saying “what needed to be said.”

On the flip side, Teyana Taylor has not addressed these so-called cheating rumors and Kelly’s video is seemingly bringing more attention to the rumors without proof of them being true or false.

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