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Nicci Gilbert took to social media on Sunday to share she spoke with Kelly Price on Saturday night at length and the singer is fine outside of continuing her recovery from COVID-19.

Nicci said:

I have spoken with Kelly Price. She called me last night. We had a very extensive conversation. I’m not going to share the details right now because I feel like Kelly should speak when she’s ready.

But, Kelly is fine. She is not on a ventilator, she’s not a hostage, she is healing from COVID.

It was indeed Kelly.

And if you’re like me and you’re really concerned about her I that this does your heart good to know that our sister is A-Okay.

See the video below.

Kelly’s sister, Shanrae Price, said she still not spoken to Kelly, but Nicci reached out to her on Kelly’s behalf.

But, thanks for the update, Nicci.

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