Kelly Price‘s sister, Shanrae Price, is speaking out about the conflicting reports in regards to the singer’s whereabouts.

On Friday, we learned the Grammy-nominated singer was officially listed as a missing person with the National Crime Information Center by Cobb County authorities.

Hours later, Kelly’s attorney stated the singer was safe and recovering from COVID-19 at an undisclosed location.

Kelly’s big sister, Shanrae Price isn’t buying it!

She called into the “Larry Reid Live” show on Friday night and said:

Until we physically see my sister…we don’t know anything.

Fighting back tears, Shanrae went on to discuss the immeasurable losses her family has suffered recently with the passing of their loved ones.

We’ve lost a majority of our family. When I say it’s just she and I…it is just she and I.

When Larry asked why it took the family so long to file a missing person’s report, Shanrae responded:

We haven’t heard from her in over a month. And yes it was reported before Saturday, before I did the well check.

It was a phone call that went in two weeks before. And there was a process. And then I did a well check on Saturday this past Saturday and there’s a process.

We’re trying to work with the police. But, it’s time to go public.

We have not heard anything. We have not seen anything from my sister. And I’m asking people…pray…pray.

Until she resurfaces, we really don’t know what’s going on.

Listen to the full interview below.

Shanrae also appeared on BNC News to discuss her concern for her sister’s well-being.

This is absolutely heartbreaking.

It’s unclear what is going on, but I can assure you the truth about this entire situation is not being disclosed.

One source claimed a family member said Kelly Price was safe at home.

Her attorney claims she’s safe at an undisclosed location and her family has no clue where she is.

Please pray for Kelly Price and her family.