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Sexyy Red via Instagram

Sexyy Red, the rapper behind the hit “Pound Town,” took to Twitter on Monday to address the swirling rumors about her Sexyy Red 4 President Tour struggling with ticket sales.


According to Touring Data, only 37% of the 85,217 available tickets have been sold, sparking speculation that the tour might be on the verge of cancellation.

Janae Wherry, known to her fans as Sexyy Red, swiftly dismissed these claims as “fake news,” alleging that larger tour promoters are trying to sabotage her efforts because she chose to partner with a Black-owned company.

Sexyy Red fired back on Twitter, stating:

My fans are buying tickets we’re doin just fine we not cancelling no tour dis cancelling sht all cap.

Dis how Dey try to do u wen u go wit an independent promoter n the bigger companies try to sabotage u we not cancelling sht.

I did my touring deal with a black promoter black owned company AG Entertainment and now Dey playin dirty paying pages spreading fake news to discourage my fans from buying tickets.

In her tweet, she emphasized her commitment to AG Entertainment, a Black-owned promotion company, and called out the alleged underhanded tactics being used to undermine her tour.

To further prove her point, Sexyy Red reposted a video showing her performing to a packed crowd.

However, it’s important to note that this performance wasn’t part of her current tour.

The video was from her set at the Cowboys Music Festival in Calgary, Alberta, on Sunday night.

Despite the rumors, Sexyy Red is standing 10 toes down, assuring her fans that the tour is still on.

So, are you planning to purchase tickets to see Sexyy Red live in concert? Let me know in the comments!

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