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Houston Estate Pursuing Legal Action For Illegal Use Of Whitney Houston Hologram

The Houston Estate was surprised to see a Whitney Houston hologram being used, without permission, at a virtual concert co-hosted by Scott Storch earlier this month.

The hologram was used to introduce the “Hologram Icons of American Music” variety show.

According to TMZ, Scott Storch worked with FilmOn to put on the show, which featured performances from late legends Tupac Shakur, Biggie, Michael Jackson, and living artists Ray J and Chief Keef.

The Whitney hologram was originally slated to premiere during the 2016 finale of “The Voice“, in a duet of “I’m Every Woman” with Christina Aguilera, but Houston’s estate scrapped it stating it “was not ready to air.”

FilmOn founder Alki David retooled the Whitney Houston hologram image for the “Hologram Icons of American Music” variety show.

Alki did not receive permission from the Houston estate to retool the image and he doesn’t feel he needed to.

Sounds like Alki is about to have a legal rude awakening.

The Houston estate is currently pursuing their legal options since the hologram was used without their permission.

See video below of the retooled hologram introducing the “Hologram Icons” show:


Judging by the fact that Alki just has this video chilling on his Instagram page shows that he really doesn’t give a what!

Source: Rap-Up

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