Candace Owens releases audio of Kim Kardashian voicemail Ray J - Whitney Houston

Candace Owens has released old audio from a voicemail Kim Kardashian left Ray J where she dragged him for being “disgusting” and for dating Whitney Houston, who she referred to as an “old hag.”

Ironically, the audio was released one week after Candace stood beside Kanye West in Paris wearing White Lives Matter t-shirts and a day after he was suspended from Twitter and locked out of Instagram for anti-Semitic posts.

Candace Owens has definitely positioned herself as one of Kanye’s allies and now all of a sudden she’s become passionate about helping Ray J clear his name in his back and forth with the Kardashians over who really released their sex tape.

You may recall that William Ray Norwood Jr. took to Instagram and aired Kris Jenner and Kim out in the streets of social media in an effort to clear his name.

In the voicemail audio released on Candace’s podcast, Kim Kardashian is allegedly heard calling Ray J “disgusting” and she mocked Whitney Houston, who was battling addiction at the time.

Kim allegedly says on the voicemail:

Don’t ever call me back! I don’t want to talk to you ever, ever again!

I think you’re honestly a sick human being and you’re so desperate you’ll do anything for f**king attention and you’re just so disgusting. 

Honestly….go have fun with old hag Whitney Houston. Like she’s so sick and like crack is definitely not wack with you guys. 

Because it just makes me laugh how disgusting you guys look. 

Listen to the clip below to hear the audio.

Kim Kardashian has not addressed the release of the audio, but it has prompted some to side eye her considering the heartfelt condolences she posted after Whitney’s passing.

Kim Kardashian - Whitney Houston

Read a few Twitter reactions below.

Candace Owens playing chess for Kanye West while pretending to advocate for Ray J in an effort to destroy Kim Kardashian was not the plot twist I was expecting from this unscripted reality series…

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