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Drake recently gifted DJ Khaled an amazing diamond chain to celebrate their friendship and the success of their two singles, “POPSTAR” and “Greece“.

The custom design chain incorporates Drake’s OVO owl mascot logo connected to a key and lion head, which are symbols associated with Khaled.

Khaled took to Instagram to show off his ice:

“This gift means so much to me,” stated Khaled. “Khaled and Drake, Drake and Khaled, it’s always special when we connect.”

POPSTAR” peaked at No. 3 on Billboard, and “Greece” hit No. 8.

Both singles are rumored to be the first two singles off of Khaled’s new album, Khaled Khaled.

There is no official word on a release date for Khaled Khaled.

The chain that Drake wore in the “POPSTAR” video is the exact same chain that he had made for Khaled.

Gifting Khaled a friendship chain was an amazing gesture from Drake.

Watch video below to see Khaled break down the custom design of the chain and show his gratitude to Drake:

I need rich friends.

What do you think of Drake’s friendship chain?

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