Stacy Francis on Wendy Williams

Stacy Francis took to the streets of Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook to get a few things off of her chest in regards to Wendy Williams.

The final episode of “The Wendy Williams Show” aired on Friday (June 17) leaving many people with mixed feelings about how Wendy’s legacy in daytime TV came to an end.

In a post on her Facebook page, Stacy made it very clear that she has no sympathy or empathy for Wendy because she is “paying for her behavior.”

The “X-Factor” finalist and former reality TV star said Wendy was “mean” and “shady” and she told folks to “stop being fake and stop pretending she didn’t have to reap some of the nasty seeds she sowed.”

Read Stacy Francis’ full post below.

In 1998 Wendy Williams went on air on a popular radio show in NYC and lied to the public about something she observed when she saw me in front of the Broadway theater I was starring at.

She lied to the public about many celebrities. She attacked people. She got cussed out by folks. She built her brand gossiping and invalidating and hurting others.

And all those celebs came back.. including me and went on her show and forgave her. But she still had this shady way of handling the news and people.

And there are many fans that love and support her because there is this ugly monster people like to feed. This reality show grime that exist that people love.

So stop being surprised that her time on tv ended the way it did. She never stopped being shady.

I’m sure she will end up with some 100 million dollar deal on Spotify or something and the support will continue.

But let’s stop being fake and stop pretending she didnt have to reap some of the nasty seeds she sowed.

This picture is us backstage at a show. I gifted her one of her favorite brands Baccarat. Very classy and very expensive.

Just saying. Anyway. She was not nice and I was not trying to buy her.. I admired what she had built so gave her a gift. S

he was still mean that day. She is not a nice person. She is paying for that behavior. Im telling you one must learn. One must take responsibilityIt has to be done or life will not improve! Wake upon.

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Stacy Francis is no stranger to drama and controversy.

You may recall she made headlines after an alleged altercation with Whitney Houston days before her passing.

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