Mariah Carey and Tamar Braxton (via Instagram)

Tamar Braxton drew criticism after revealing she prefers Mariah Carey over Whitney Houston.

In the clip that is making its rounds on social media, Tamar says, “I’ve never been a huge Whitney fan like that.”

For context, Tamar Braxton added, “I’m not saying that I don’t like her music…I’m not saying that she wasn’t a phenomenal singer…I’m not saying her songs weren’t amazing…but for me, because you asked me a personal question…my personal preference will always be Mariah Carey.”

Watch the clip below.

Anyone who knows anything about Tamar knows that she has idolized Mariah Carey for YEARS.

And I think as adults we should all understand and respect the fact that everyone is entitled to their personal preference.

I’m guessing what may have ruffled folks’ feathers was Tamar Braxton saying she’s “never been a huge” Whitney fan. 

However, in 2020, Tamar Braxton released “Crazy Kind of Love,” which sampled Whitney Houston’s timeless classic, “Saving All My Love For You.” 

She also took to social media after the song was released and said:

Everybody knows…because I’ve spoken about it a hundred zillion times…that I love her – Whitney – so much!

Watch the clip below.

I love her so much” to “I’ve never been a huge Whitney fan like that” is quite a shift.

Downplaying your love for one artist, after sampling their music, to prove your love for another artist is a little weird to me – but seems on brand for Tamar Braxton.

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