Grammy Award-Winning Producer Hitboy Tells How He Went Broke In 5 Years Taking Care Of The Homies

Grammy Award-winning producer Hitboy, who is responsible for the production of Nas’ last three albums, recently revealed how he went broke in five years trying to take care of his friends.

He said Jimmy Iovine gave him a label and artist deal when he was 24 that set him up with millions of dollars, and not knowing any better, he moved all his homies in his crib, trying to help them pursue their dreams.

During that time, he said he was coming off the hype of producing his first major hit song, Jay-Z and Kanye’s “N****s In Paris.”

I turned up 2012, got dumb bread…

By 2017, I was laying on my ground with 0 dollars in my account, after having millions.

Balled up in a fetus crying, nobody around me, by myself, and I was living in a mansion in Beverly Hills.

I blew it bro! 

I was investing in the homies, I was putting up money for everybody around me.

Hitboy said he didn’t realize that he was in a messed up publishing deal until he made the beat for “N****s In Paris,” and didn’t get paid for it.

 I been signed to my publishing deal since 07.

“N****s in Paris” comes out in 2011.

So, I’m like this is when the money come in, right?

You make a big hit, you get the bread. 

I go to my publishing company, and I’m like okay, what’s up, what we doing?

‘Oh nah, you in this f***ed up contract from 07… This sh*t is ancient as f**k, for like a 1999 contract.

So, we can’t break you off no bread, you got to keep working.’

Hitboy credits God for really turning things around for him and him being in the best place he’s ever been musically and financially in his life right now.

Watch the video clip courtesy of DJ Akademiks below:

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