DJ Akademiks Claims His Celebrity Caused A Girl Fight In Miami

DJ Akademiks recently got on live to explain the video circulating the internet of him breaking up a girl fight in Miami.

Watch the Miami girl fight video below:

According to DJ Akademics, he was in Miami handling some Spotify business, and he decided to hit the club with the woman he brought on the trip with him.

Once they got inside the popular restaurant/lounge Komodo, Ak said the DJ shouted him out, causing fans to locate him and ask to take pictures with him.

He said he noticed his girl getting jealous as he interacted with the female fans that were coming up to him to take pictures.

He said he tried to reassure her that they were just fans and they only wanted pictures, but she was gone off of Tequila, and she started to make a scene.

As they were leaving, he said his girl stopped to use the restroom, and he was approached by another female, and when his girl came out of the restroom and saw him talking to another female, she hit the girl.

She then got in his face and told him he’s wyling and entertaining other women, and he told her they just want pictures.

According to Ak, a girl that watched all this go down decided to fight for him because she knew he was being embarrassed, and as a man, he couldn’t do anything about it.

The girl is seen in the video punching Ak’s girl.

Ak did take full responsibility for having a woman with him that couldn’t handle her liquor and didn’t know how to act in public.

He said his girl did get cuffed, but no one was taken to jail, and no charges were pressed.

Listen to DJ Akademiks recap the wild night in Miami below:

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