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Keyshia Cole Pulled Her Son Out Of Donda Academy After Kanye Scared Her

Keyshia Cole - Donda Academy

Keyshia Cole recently revealed she pulled her 12-year-old son, Daniel Jr. (DJ), out of Kanye West‘s Donda Academy after alarming remarks he made online.

The “Let It Go” singer told her fans via Twitter that when Kanye took to social media and wrote he was “back to shoot the school up” it scared her and she got her son out of there.

Ye went on multiple social media rants after the release of his “White Lives Matter” t-shirts, which ultimately led to him being suspended for both Instagram and Twitter.

Unfortunately, he’s back on both platforms now.

While there have been reports of parents being forced to sign non-disclosure agreements when enrolling their children, Keyshia Cole said she never signed one and it was never brought up to her.

See her original tweets below.

Donda Academy, which is named after Kanye’s late mother, Donda West, is a K–12 private Christian school located in Southern California.

At this time, the school is not accredited meaning graduating seniors might not have credits or diplomas recognized by colleges.

There were about 82 students attending the academy where tuition is $15,000.

It looks like Keyshia Cole made the right decision following her gut instinct to get DJ out of there.

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