Affion Crockett Posts Hilarious Nas & Jay-Z Voice-Over Parody Dragging 21 Savage

Comedian Affion Crockett has created a hilarious voice-over parody of Nas and Jay-Z dragging 21 Savage for saying the King’s Disease III rapper is irrelevant.

The parody clip is circulating on social media, and it’s so classic that the comments are filled with quotes from the clip.

Since 21 Savage fixed his face to utter that one of the most iconic rappers in Hip Hop history is irrelevant, it sparked immediate reaction and pushback across various social media platforms.

Affion Crockett has definitely approached the conversation in the most creative way.

He captioned his post:

Is @nas relevant? Let’s see what JAY-Z has to say. ???? #nas #jayz #explorepage #music #rap

See Affion Crockett’s original post below:

Scoop some comments below:

Affion Crockett comment 1.
Affion Crockett comment 2.
AC Jay-Z Nas parody comment 3.
AC Jay-Z Nas parody comment 4.

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