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90s R&B singer Kia Jeffries, whose most known for singing the hook on Akineyele’s hit song, “Put It In Your Mouth,” said in a recent interview that Jay-Z, Missy Elliot, and Big Pun’s estate still owes her money because they never cleared the sample.

Clearing a sample this means that you have to contact the owner of the recording and the song for permission to use it. If they say yes, you then negotiate how much of the copyright to your song you need to give them.

Kia said she owns 40% of the song because Akineyele knew nothing about publishing splits, and when she taught him about them he gave her 40% of the song.

She said J. Cole, who is her son’s favorite artist, did it the right way and called her and cleared the sample.

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Kia Jeffries used to be married to professional boxer Earnest Mahir-Abdul-Mateen. They were married for 14 years, and they had one son together.

Reportedly, Earnest was a violent man, and after discovering Kia at the Venture Drive hotel near Duluth, Georgia, in November 2012, he pistol-whipped her until he got tired, and she turned the gun on him, pulled the trigger, and shot him in his chest.

When the police arrived, she told them that she had shot her husband.

They were both taken to the hospital, and Earnest was confirmed deceased.

The initial report stated that Earnest hit his wife with a handgun until he got exhausted.

After an investigation, it was determined that Kia acted in self-defense, and she didn’t face any charges.

After the tragedy, she became a Mental Health Awareness and Anti-Domestic Violence activist.

She revealed in the interview that Meda, from “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” is her good friend, and she used to be married to the boxer Zab Judah.

Kia said that Zab put hands on Meda before.

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Kia Jeffries needs to pursue a movie deal.

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