Alicia Keys & Roc Nation Reach Out To Ralph Yarl & His Family Starts A Trust From Donations

Ralph Yarl, the Kansas City Black teenager who was shot twice after ringing the wrong doorbell, is remarkably back at home recovering and receiving love from a lot of people.

Ralph’s GoFundMe has surpassed $3.4 million dollars enabling his family to establish a trust for him to ensure that the money will be available to him when he needs it.

Ralph was shot by 84-year-old White male Andrew Lester when he went to his house and rang his doorbell to pick up his twin brothers, but Ralph mistakenly went to the wrong house.

Andrew came to the door and shot Ralph once in his head and once in his chest area at point-blank range.

The police arrived and questioned Andrew for 20 minutes but did not arrest him that day.

Andrew was eventually arrested and charged with assault in the first degree and armed criminal action.

Attorney Ben Crump says the charges don’t match the crime.

Alicia Keys Invites Ralph Yarl To Concert

Since the horrible incident, Alicia Keys reached out and gave Ralph Yarl a personal invite to attend her Keys To The Summer Tour when she stops in St. Louis this July.

The Grammy Award-winning singer also requested a meet and greet with him.

Roc Nation also reached out to let Ralph know that they are willing to help out in any way possible.

Ralph’s mom Cleo Nagbe also received emotional support from Ahmaud Arbery’s mother, Wanda Copper-Jones, who encouraged her to lean on her faith.

We pray that Ralph Yarl continues his remarkable recovery and that he goes on to live an incredible life.

Source: TMZ

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