Ahmaud Arbery’s Parents, Wanda Cooper-Jones & Marcus Arbery React To Guilty Verdicts In Federal Hate Crime Trial

Ahmaud Arbery’s parents Wanda Cooper-Jones and Marcus Arbery joined hands outside the courthouse and chanted, “Justice For Ahmaud,” after hearing the verdicts “guilty on all charges.”

Marcus Arbery told the media his son is irreplaceable and he thinks of him everyday.

I give all glory to God, and we got justice for Ahmaud.

He loved this family. He called us everyday.

If he ain’t have but one word to tell you guess what that was… I love you Pops!… I love you Mama!

He always told you that. Now these times you don’t hear that… I’m struggling with that everyday.

The three men convicted of killing Ahmaud Arbery were found guilty on all charges and given life sentences today (February 22), in the first federal hate crime conviction in Georgia.

Ahmaud’s mother, Wanda Cooper-Jones, also shared some words after the verdicts.

I knew Ahmaud’s hands were in this from the very beginning.

The way Ahmaud left here, I knew we would get victory on the state level and in the federal level.

Ahmaud’s parents hope that the guilty verdicts on the state and federal levels set a precedent that the behaviors that took Ahmaud’s life will not be tolerated.

Watch the Atlanta 11 Alive news report below:

Georgia will recognize February 23 as “Ahmaud Arbery Day.”

As the day will mark the two year anniversary of his death.

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