Andrew Lester charged in shooting Ralph Yarl (1)

Andrew Lester has been charged in the senseless shooting of 16-year-old Kansas City teen, Ralph Yarl.

Clay County Prosecutor Zachary Thompson announced Lester, 84, is charged with first-degree assault and armed criminal action. 

On Thursday, April 13, Ralph’s mother sent him to pick up his siblings from a friend’s house on 115th Terrace, but he mistakenly went to a house on 115th Street.

Ralph rang the doorbell and that’s when Andrew Lester opened the door and shot him in the head with a .32 revolver.

As he lay on the ground, Lester shot Ralph a second time in the arm. 

Thankfully, even after suffering a gunshot wound to his left forehead and arm, the teen was able to flee.

Sadly, Ralph had to run to multiple homes before anyone would help him. 

Lester claims he fired two shots within seconds of opening the door because he saw a man standing 6 feet tall pulling on the exterior door and thought he was trying to break in.

Andrew Lester told police “It was the last thing he wanted to do, but was ‘scared to death’ due to the male’s size and Lester’s age (84) and inability to defend himself.”

Despite his claims that he never said anything, Ralph said the man told him, “Don’t come around here,” after he shot him.

A warrant has been issued for Andrew Lester’s arrest and his bond has been set at $200,000.

If convicted, the maximum punishment for the assault charge is life in prison and 3-15 years for armed criminal action. 

The good news is Ralph Yarl has been released from the hospital. 

His father, Paul Yarl, said the teen is in “good spirits”

He cracked a smile today.

One of his teachers from elementary school asked him for permission to give a testimony, how good of a student Ralph was.

So, when Ralph saw that request from his elementary school teacher, he smiled, said, ‘Of course he can talk about me.’

Within 24 hours, the GoFundMe launched in support of Ralph and his family has raised over $2M in donations. 

Source: KCTV5, Fox4KC

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